Laetitia van Krieken was born in 1964 in Helmond, the Netherlands. She started playing piano at the age of seven. After finishing her studies in sculpture and textile artforms at the Mollerinstituut Tilburg (NL), she studied jazz piano at the Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg (NL) with Willem Kühne.

Laetitia van Krieken has performed and recorded with many different groups and musicians such as Soft Parade (cd produced by Dave Stewart), her project Laetitia van Krieken Big Bang (jazz), Van Krieken Kempen Sextet (jazz), Tom America’s aNDERE ANDERe, Simon Ho Orchestra project 'A Normal Sunday' and 'Spoon River' (projects of Swiss musician Simon Ho with the Finnish group Värttinä and Dutch group Nits) and Mony Wouters Quartet.
NITS : She played keyboards (electric violin, accordeon) and sang with the famous Dutch popgroup NITS for seven years. From 1998 till 2004 they performed in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Japan and Canada. She return for tour Malpensa, and replaced Robert Jan Stips during his recovery from an infection on his left hand, from March till Octobre 2012.

She has performed as musician with the following theatre-companies like:
Theater VandenBulck (Baba Jaga)
Wetten van Kepler (Baron von Münchaussen, Wolperding, Don Quichot)
Bloeiende Maagden (Bloeiende Maagden gaan vreemd, Bloeiende Maagden gaan naar Oz)
Hotel Witlox (Blote Handen, Alfa, Onder het Melkwoud, Het Lied van de Krekel)
Stella Den Haag (Shaffy voor Kinderen)
Drieons (Rook/Blik)

She has composed for Laetitia van Krieken’s Big Bang, Van Krieken Kempen Sextet, Pascal Vermeer Quintet, Lewinsky Quartet, Out of The Blues (arrangement) and TriDali (this classical ensemble won the 2nd price at ‘Concours International de Musique de Chambre avec Harpe’ in Arles, France in 2003 playing Van Krieken’s composition suite ‘Saptadhá’) and she has also written arrangements for Dutch modern composer Tom America. She has composed and written arrangements for a special concert 'Jujubileum!' of theatre Speelhuis, Helmond (October 2007) that celebrated its 30 year anniversary. She composed with Wiebe Gotink for the theaterperformance 'Esitu' of company Bencha Theater (September 2009). Laetitia composed for Tilburg 200 year celebration 'Betoverende Sluiting' (December 2009). Laetitia arranged and composed for theatre-performance 'Shaffy voor Kinderen' and 'Krakrasi' of theatre-company Stella Den Haag (2010).
Hotel Witlox
Laetitia is composer/musician of Hotel Witlox, a co-operation between actor/writer Herman van de Wijdeven, designer Simon Haen and Laetitia van Krieken. Their first musical theatre-performance was 'Blote Handen' (2007) with Jacqueline Hamelink (cello) and Marcel Roelfsema (actor). The second succesfull theatre-performance was 'Alfa' (2009-2010) a very intense script, acting, grandpiano music and strong scenery. In 2010 Hotel Wilox did a cooperation with Stella Den Haag; they performed 'Under Milkwood' from Dylan Thomas régie Hans van den Boom. Hotel Witlox last theaterperformance is 'Het Lied van de Krekel' (2011-2012) régie Nathalie Roymans (BE) en gast actress Emmanuelle Maridjan-Koop(BE).

Laetitia has given workshops at jazz-club Paradox, Tilburg. She has taught at the Hogeschool voor Kunsten  Utrecht, Conservatory (2000) and Brabants Conservatory, Tilburg (2002/2003).
In 2005 she became teacher piano, theory, composition and arranging at Codarts, Conservatory of Rotterdam (Pop Academy).